If you are thinking of adding a pathway around your home or from the driveway to your front door, you will definitely come across concrete as the best material to construct it out of. When putting in a pathway, you can choose the type of construction material that is best suited to your needs. Concrete pathways are a good choice because concrete offers a slip-free texture when constructed with exposed aggregate or other forms of textured surfaces, and thanks to the structural integrity and strength of concrete, it is less prone to become unlevelled compared to pavers or tiles. It can also be a practical choice if you want to connect several areas in your home due to the versatility of the material. 

In this article, we will look at which types of concrete options you have when choosing your finish for the pathway you are investing in, as well as mentioning briefly the alternative materials you can choose from. The main things to consider when choosing your concrete are durability, budget, features that make it slip-free, and aesthetics. 

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Concrete options for your pathway

It’s hard to imagine a world without concrete. It is among the top construction materials around the globe. Concrete is simple, and durable and lends itself to a wide variety of decorative designs. You can choose from plain, textured such as exposed aggregate, coloured or stamped concrete to give your pathway a distinctive look. Whether you’re going for a plain look or for coloured concrete, there is a style to suit your taste and budget. Concrete is also highly resistant to chipping and fading. It is available in a wide range of flexible options—you can choose from exposed aggregate, coloured, stamped, stencil, or standard concrete. 

Concrete comes in many colours, including black, white, grey, red, blue, and brown. Choosing a colour can make your pathway stand out or match your home’s existing color. For example, a cream-toned home will complement a brown-toned colour. If your home is a cooler colour, a charcoal colour may complement the overall look, or perhaps you need some contrast and opt for a warmer tone. If you are stuck for ideas, ask the concreter when they come to your property for an onsite quote for ideas and samples.

One very important feature that concrete can offer a pathway is that of a non-slip surface. When exposed aggregate is used, the added texture to the surface greatly reduces the risk of slipping, the texture is just enough to add grip, without being too unlevelled like stones that could lead to someone losing balance. This consideration is essential if you have elderly visitors or even toddlers learning to walk. Stenciled concrete is an option to which you can add texture too, not all concreters offer this type of finish, therefore ask about it during your first interactions. 

Cost of your concrete pathway

Because pathways, if not all, are comparatively smaller and narrower than driveways and slabs, most concreters charge more per square metre for a pathway. For example $100 per square meter for a pathway, compared to $80 per square meter for a driveway. This is because the concreter will still have to do the same setup, traveling to and from the location, and pay the labour of staff, delivery costs, and insurance. The costs will also depend on the services provided for the project. Factors that influence this are the project duration, the complexity, the type of concrete to be used, the equipment to be used, and access to the location.

Pathways may sound straightforward enough because of the surface area requires and also the fact that it doesn’t need to withstand the weight of a vehicle, but you will find that pathways can actually be complex to construct mainly due to curvature and slope required, getting an even finish requires skill. Consider hiring a professional concrete contractor to complete your pathway as one miscalculated step might cost you more than entrusting the project into professional hands in repair or replacement costs. 

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Alternative options to concrete for your pathway

There are alternative construction materials to choose from for pathways around your home, concrete is a great material for the above-mentioned reasons but it isn’t your only option. 

Other options for pathways include pavers, which are brick-like big cement tiles laid on top of compacted soil and sand, you could opt for a simple gravel pathway, timber decking, and treated timber or composite. Stylish, functional, practical, and sustainable, there’s always a variety of choices for homeowners like you who want to level up the look of their properties. 

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When choosing a concrete type, it is important to consider the type of walkway or path you are creating. Concrete pathways might be a little expensive but it is worth every penny spent. Concrete’s durability, flexibility, and aesthetic versatility are hard to match. Making a simple pathway, an asset, and an investment for your property.

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