If you’re building a new shed it is important to have a concrete slab for its foundation to get the most out of your investment. The specifics of your concrete slab will be influenced by various factors, such as the size of your shed, the weather in your region, soil type, and intended use of the shed. A well-made concrete foundation is weatherproof and can withstand decades of use.

A concrete shed slab is an investment; one of the most expensive types of foundations, mainly because of the material and labour costs involved it is also the best foundation you can give your shed. However, they’re also the most durable and outperform virtually any other alternative foundation as far as strength, reliability, and of course, durability. Besides being strong and durable, concrete flooring also gives you the option of building any type of floating floor option on top of it, which is important if you are building a shed that will be a granny flat or an office. This article will look at 4 reasons why a concrete slab is an essential element of a durable shed. 

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If you’re going to store your vehicles or equipment in your shed, you’re going to want the toughest, most reliable foundation to build a storage solution that will keep your valuables safe and protected from the elements. Concrete is obviously the choice material for foundations for most buildings, of any size, therefore as a foundation for your shed, concrete will most definitely pass the test. It is essential that the concrete is poured and finished properly to reduce the risk of cracking and or movement during the curing process. The slab’s durability and strength are increased with proper curing and right reinforcements. Find out more about the common causes of cracks in concreted areas here. 

The mixture of concrete and the ratios used when mixing will impact the durability, it is important that you consider the soil type and weather in your region when pouring and mixing concrete. While a standard concrete mix can be adequate for most applications, a special mix can help prevent cracks and enhance the flexibility of the concrete slab. It is best to consult a local Werribee concreter if you are unsure of which mix is right for your concrete project. 

Load capacity

Sheds generally bear the weight of vehicles or heavy machinery. For example, the weight of an average car is over 1 ton. Many people own machinery that they keep safe inside a shed that well exceeds this weight such as tractors, combined with machinery, trailers, caravans, motorbikes, and more. 

While the strength of concrete varies depending on the reinforcement used, the mix and ratio, and the depth of the slab, the general rule is that the thicker the slab, the stronger it is. Because of this, the standard construction requires a minimum thickness of concrete. The thickness of the slab depends on its bearing capacity in the soil and on the heaviest concentrated load it can withstand.

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Moisture resistance

Another reason why a concrete slab is important for the foundations of a shed is that concrete is moisture-resistant. This is important because your shed will be exposed to the elements, and even though your slab is covered by the shed, the soil around and the drainage will inevitably lead your slab to come into contact with water. Therefore it is important to have a material that can withstand moisture. Adequate drainage, and a layer of permeable fill such as a road base beneath the slab all help to minimize moisture from pooling near or beneath the slab. 

Ideal base for flooring

Having a concreted slab as the base of your shed will enable you to construct any kind of flooring on top of it for aesthetic purposes. You could add floating floors including engineered timber, lino, vinyl, laminate, etc. if you intend to make this shed an office space or an extra room. 

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Concrete, whatever purpose it will be used for, is a versatile material. Easily adapting to changing temperatures, customisable, and among the sturdiest construction materials. When constructing a shed, you’ll need to consider the foundations which you will build upon. Choose a foundation material that is durable, can take the load you need it to, be moisture resistant, and is aesthetically versatile, in our opinion, concrete is the best choice for the material of your shed’s foundation. 

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